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278. September 2022


  • Retraceing the Surrey Ironstone and Croydon, Merstham and Godstone Railway.
  • By Jonathan James and Steve Barber
  • Some North Staffordshire Footrails by Sydney A. Leleux
  • Outside Flanges at L. C. C. tramway works, Charlton by R. G Cash
  • Lime Kiln Wharf Industrial Railway by Sydney A. Leleux
  • Ashover Light Railway Society, Rowsley by Sydney A Leleux
  • The last Narrow Gauge Branch in Chile by Dr Michael Grimes
  • The Turda and Abrud Railway by Peter Howie
  • Identification Needed 
  • Vall de Nuria Railway by Lionel Kay
  • South African Steam Bagnall Locomotives Fr the Tongaat Sugar Company by Alan C Baker (Update)
  • Correspondence


Including Postage
276. May 2022


  • Penmaenmawr Quarriews or Alice the one that got away. By Sydney A. Leleux
  • The Drusillas Railway by Jonathan James
  • The Khartoum Light Railway by Iain Logie
  • Reus to Solou in the 1960’s
  • The Porton Down Railway by Alan C Baker
  • Identification needed.
  • Fairground Tunnel railways by Iain Logie
  • Identification needed 3
  • All aboard the Queen Mary   by John Raby
  • A Century of Hythe Pier Railway by Alan Titherage
  • Memories of Austria  by Wim de Ridder
Including Postage
275. March 2022


  • Saving a 15inch Railway - Philip Champion
  • Horse power and Cast Iron The little Eaton Gangroad - R. G. Cash
  • Outside Flanges - Sydney A. Leleux
  • Baron Empain and the Cairo to Helioplis electric Railway - Jim Stancliffe
  • Petit Train du Jardin d’Acclimation - Jonathan James
  • Information needed – The answers - Iain Logie
  • More identification needed
  • Scenes from the past - Graham Fairhurst
Including Postage
273. January 2022


  • The Midland Line in New Zealand – Route of the Tranzalpine Jim Stancliffe
  • Bagnall 2820, Stephen Mourton
  • The Meteors – an update, Stuart Madgin
  • Swiss snow blowers, Mervyn Pritchard
  • Model Railway in the 1870’s, Sydney Leleux
  • Identification Needed, Iain Logie
Including Postage
272. November 2021

Editor Alan Burgess  40 pages Colour and Black and White

Porton Down Light Railway by Mervyn Pritchard
The Never Stop Railway by R. G. Cash
50 years on – Trangkil No 4 by Mike Smith
AS visit to Stuttgart by Rabbi Walter Rothschild
Haljinici Coal Railway by Nigel Hodges

Including Postage
271. September 2021

Editor Alan Burges 32 pages Colour and Black and White.

The Hadley Wood Tunnel Contract by Andrew Neal
The Gethin Tramway by John L. Townsend
Day trip to Volos by Jim Stancliffe
The railways of The Hawaii Islands
China Logging Lines by Mike Clendining

Including Postage
269. July 2021

Editor Alan Burgess 52 pages Colour and Black and White

The Surrey Light Railway by Ian Oughton.
A short history of narrow-gauge modelling by Sydney Leleux.
Perched on top by Mike Gray.
Memories of Portugal.

Including Postage
268. April 2021

Editor Alan Burgess 28 pages Colour and Black and White

Building miniature railways 50 years ago by Philip Champion.
Aspects of Funiculars by Mervyn Pritchard. Cranes by George Cash.
Self-build on 13.25-gauge by Gordon Brown.
Ken Hartley’s Travels.
Vales Plant Register by Mike Smith.
The swansong of the Doro Valley narrow gauge by Ray Wilkinson.
Railways in Libya by John Harris. Letters.

Including Postage
266. March 2021

Editor Alan Burgess 40 pages Colour and Black and White

Royal Trains on War Department Light Railways by Norman Drake.
My Early days in narrow gauge – BICC Belvedere by the late Dave Billmore.
The eighties hybrid loco build by Chris Hopley.
Ireland for a day by Mike Swift.
Harrogate gasworks railway by Alan C. Baker.
The railways of Majorca in 1967 by John Townsend.
More on the St Kitts Scenic Railway by Mike Tedstone.
Summer in Poland. Lochaber Upper Works Railway Peter Howie.
Ponferrada Villablino by Les Tindall.
Vales Plant Register by Mike Swift.
United Plantations Mystery Locomotive.

Including Postage
264. January 2021

Editor Alan Burgess 40 pages Colour and Black and White

The Lincolnshire coat Railway by Mike Smith.
The West Side Lumber Company California U. S. A.  Adrian Garner.
United Plantations mystery Locomotive by Norman Drake,
Earth Lifting in Africa by Sydney Leleux.
70 years of the railway in Strathaven Park by David Williams.
The Crowlas Woodland Railway by Ken Hartley.
Dampfbahn Furka Bergstrecke by Mervyn Pritchard.
Winter in Poland by John Moore.

Including Postage


263. November 2020

Editor Alan Burgess 52 pages Colour and Black and White

A day at Kettering and Wellingborough By Mike Swift.
Around Dduallt by Sidney Leleux
The Malta Railway by Ray Wilkinson.
Bowaters Sittingbourne Railway by Jim Stancliffe,
Swindon’s 1050mm gauge 2-6-2Ts and Locos “Captured at Sea” Iain Logie.
The other Railway through the Rock of Gibraltar by Robert Wood.
Chatworth’s Coal Tunnel.
A Christmas Visit to St. Kitts Sugar by John Scholes.
Of the road again. Bryan Stone and Sydney Leleux.
Postcard Mystery solved by Norman Drake.
Linz trams in 2012 by John Moore.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order usually despatched within 7 days


262. September 2020

Editor: Alan Burgess. 44 pages. Colour and Black and White .

Harrogate Gas Works Railway - The Drewry Diesel. Bure valley Railway at 30. Ken Hartley's 1930 Welsh Wanderings. Cambeltown & Machrihanish Light Railway Postcards. Cumbria, Northumberland and Durham, March 1962. Quarries in the Yorkshire Dales. Greek metre gauge in 1987. To next door by trolley. Verkershaus der Schweiz. A Garratt restored at Sandstione.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order usually despatched within 7 days


260. May 2020

Editor: Alan Burgess. 40 pages. Colour and Black and White .

Ken Hartley’s Travels  the Sand Hutton Railway,    The Daveyhulme Sewage Works Railway: some additional pictures  Robert Nicholls, Exporting is fun   Mike Swift, Turning at Fairbourne  Graham Billington, The NGRS 1956 visit to Austria  Iain Logie, Riding to Burtonport in 1937  Andrew Neale, A visit to Shantytown  John Moore,  North Yorkshire Quarries  Richard B A Holden, Chucarapi – a Peruvian mystery solved Iain Logie.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order usually despatched within 7 days


257. January 2020

48 Pages  Colour and Black and White.

Includes: Finedon Quarries farewell 1966, All at Sea: narrow gauge on board the Royal Navy  by Norman Drake, Minis on the Mersey by Peter Clowes, Some British narrow gauge turntables by Sydney A Leleux, Berchtesgarten Salzbergwerk railway from postcards by Tony Bird, Found in New Zealand by John Moore, Narrow gauge at Port Sudan by Norman Drake, Cuban steam holiday 2004 by Lawson Little, More on Majorca by Peter Arnold, Rovos Rail and Shongololo Express by John Moore, The Iguassu Falls Railway by Dr Michael Grimes, Colombia update by Bob Whetham, Trams in Soller by Ray Wilkinson and Romanian forestry and other narrow gauge railways 2018 by John Moore.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order usually despatched within 7 days


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