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We need volunteers to act as Exhibition Officer and as Publicity Officer.   These posts could be combined into one; there could also be more than one Exhibition Officer to cover different geographical areas.

Exhibition Officer

Our exhibition presence recently has been limited to events at Statfold, where we have enjoyed excellent recruitment results.  We need a volunteer to take over organisation of the open days at Statfold, with responsible for liaison with the venue, storing and installing our stand, plus organising volunteers to man (or woman) the stand.  

There are venues in other parts of the country where we could raise awareness of the NGRS, and the exhibition officer(s) would, ideally, identify them and organise our presence.  Display material exists for exhibition stands.  

Experience is not necessary.

Publicity Officer

We would like to recruit a Publicity Officer to raise the Society’s image and presence.  

We have no fixed ideas as to how the task might be approached, although the use of social media would be necessary.  Some liaison with the general railway press would also be welcome, as will an ability to write persuasively.    

The approach would be up the person doing the job: there’s a great deal of potential and flexibility. 

The Society would be happy to have many members acting as Publicity Assistants, undertaking this role on a local level or with an individual Railway.

If you  are interested please e-mail Alan Burgess at, or Steve Barber at


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