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Hello and welcome to the fascinating and surprisingly widespread world of Narrow Gauge Railways.

Our members’ interests cover a broad spectrum, in the UK and throughout the world, including industrial narrow gauge systems, the extensive world of preservation, and the growing area of miniature railways. 

Our membership page expands on what we offer members. The regular publications provide extensive news coverage

of every type of narrow gauge and miniature line at home and overseas, whether operated by steam, diesel or electric power.

Our magazine provides in-depth articles of historical interest as well as coverage of modern developments. We also maintain an extremely extensive reference library from which members may borrow.

If you are fortunate enough to live near one of our active local area groups you will be able to attend regular meetings, and all members are invited to join us on organised visits to places of interest, and our AGM.  

Since the formation of our Society in 1951, interest in narrow gauge railways has grown in leaps and bounds, and this has been reflected in the expansion of our membership. What was envisaged as being a small correspondence group of specialist enthusiasts has grown to a large international society with a truly global outlook.

Alan Burgess



Thinking of Joining? This is what our members say...

NH 18/3/22

NGRS output continues to impress, in quantity and quality.

ID 5/3/22

In response to our thank you email following a donation: Don’t mention it, twas only a small amount primarily to pay for postage which I know would occur in your dispatch of the second membership card. We are very grateful to you all for providing an excellent society for a specialist topic. Thank you again.

GC 4/3/22 New member

I have just received back issues of Narrow Gauge News, The Narrow Gauge and also the Class A Locos of the Barsi Light Railway. These were a pleasant surprise and have kept me absorbed for several hours. Thank you very much for this unexpected mine of information. I look forward to the next editions with great interest, thanks again.

NB 1/3/22

I have reluctantly decided, after some sixty years or so, to terminate my NGRS membership. Not because of any Society shortcomings, rather limitations arising from advancing years.

My thanks to everyone who has made the society what it is today and may the NGRS prosper in the years to come.

RH 1/3/22

How nice to get your renewal email and know that I am going to enjoy being a member of the NGRS for another year. As I have said before the NGRS is fabulous value for money and well worth an additional donation.

FT 3/3/22

Enjoying the magazines etc. The AGM weekend looks like it is going to be a reet good do. Keep up the good work.

MG 1/3/21

Thanks for the great work by all officers.

BM 19/11/21 New member

The welcome pack has just been delivered - thank you. I have only had a chance for a quick glance but I am very impressed with the quality of the publications. NGRS subscription would appear to be excellent value as I am sure that the articles will have been well researched.

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