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The Society is always looking for volunteers who can help run and develop the NGRS, and we currently have several vacancies.  If you can help, we would be delighted – please get in touch with the Secretary, Steve Barber at secretary@ngrs.org, or 246 Hillbury Road, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9TP.

We are looking for a Membership Assistant.  At the moment this will be a ‘shadowing’ role so that you can learn the processes involved in maintaining our membership data and the renewal process.  Eventually you will be expected to take over the bulk of the work.

We would also like to recruit a Publicity Officer to progress the Society’s image and presence.   Ideally you would be involved in running and manning our stand at the Statfold open days, and this might be extended to other appropriate venues.  Beyond that, we have no fixed ideas as to how the task might be approached, although the use of social media and PR would be beneficial.  Experience is not essential.

Members’ visits to lines otherwise difficult-to-access have become very popular and we would like to have on board two volunteers to develop this activity both in the north and the south of the UK – the latter from the end of the 2020 season.  Duties would involve identifying potential lines, negotiating access, and organising the visits themselves.

Publicity / Exhibition Officer

The Publicity Officer would be required to attend Various Railways with the Society Stand and organises publicity to raise the profile of the Society in addition to encouraging new members. Some liaison with the general railway press will also be required. This role could be divided North and South and the Committee are prepared to split this role further to suit applicant’s circumstances. The Society would be happy to have many members acting as Publicity Assistants, undertaking this role on a local level or with an individual Railway


Northern Visits Assistant

This role is required to identify and arrange visits to private lines and private areas of public lines in the Northern half of the UK, to liaise with the Visits Officer



The Committee is always pleased to be offered assistance with administering the Society. It should be noted that several of the committee members are fulfilling more than one role and it would be prudent to reduce their commitments.


Assistance in organising visits and AGMs etc. is also gratefully accepted and is usually required on a geographic basis.


If you believe you are able to help in any of the forgoing areas or you are prepared to give general assistance  including assisting in cataloguing our library (books, images, moving images/ other) please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary or any other Committee member for further information.


July 2019


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