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Hello and welcome to the fascinating and surprisingly widespread world of Narrow Gauge Railways.

Our members’ interests cover a broad spectrum, in the UK and throughout the world, including industrial narrow gauge systems, the extensive world of preservation, and the growing area of miniature railways. 

Our membership page expands on what we offer members. The regular publications provide extensive news coverage

of every type of narrow gauge and miniature line at home and overseas, whether operated by steam, diesel or electric power.

Our magazine provides in-depth articles of historical interest as well as coverage of modern developments. We also maintain an extremely extensive reference library from which members may borrow.

If you are fortunate enough to live near one of our active Area Groups you will be able to attend regular meetings, and all members are invited to join us on organised visits to places of interest, and our AGM.  

Since the formation of our Society in 1951, interest in narrow gauge railways has grown in leaps and bounds, and this has been reflected in the expansion of our membership. What was envisaged as being a small correspondence group of specialist enthusiasts has grown to a large international society with a truly global outlook.

Alan Burgess




Due to the worsening Coronavirus situation and the widespread closure of tourist venues and private railways, the following link will show an up-to-date  List of Railways Affected  



This year due to the extraordinary circumstances the Narrow Gauge Railway Society (a company limited by Guarantee) has adjourned it’s AGM and has determined to reconvene in the form of a Virtual AGM conducted on the that page ( That page gives links to the basis of the Adjournment and how the Virtual AGM will be conducted.




Our Visits programme is postponed until further notice, we hope that we may be able to re-organise some of the visits for later in the year, but this will be dependent on both Government restrictions and those hosting our visits. See the Visits Page for further details.



Due to Covid-19 precautions, we are unable to undertake Library services as access to the NGRS Library premises at Apedale has been severely restricted for the foreseeable future.  We will try to maintain a members queries service during this period but please understand that our Library staff will have to use their personal reference sources as we will not be able to access or issue books, research files or magazines during the crisis period. Any library orders and queries should be sent by e-mail to the Assistant Librarians Iain Logie and Martin O'Keeffe at


An Index to NGRS Publications 2019 (Word) is available via the link. This and previous Indexes are available from our Downloads page.

The Downloads page also includes a link to the latest list of contents for articles in The Narrow Gauge, amongst other magazines, kindly made available by Ken Scanes.


Narrow Gauge and Miniature Railways Guide - PUBLIC Edition 2019 - See the Downloads page for the latest Issue (PDF File)


Members - Please see the Member News page for more information, more news and things of interest, like organised visits to private railways. Headlines and links to the more important information will be always placed here as a prompt.


Library Scanned Back Issues of TNG & NGN

 A limited number of early issues of The Narrow Gauge and Narrow Gauge News are available on our LIBRARY website (

 The pdf files have been collected together so individuals will need to know how best to globally search within the

multiple files as the online collection grows. Some software will search multiple files within folders, others require issues to be 'spliced' together into a single file.  Basic advice on one possible route is available here :

 I should conclude with two HUGE votes of thanks :

to all the NGRS. members past and current who have submitted such a huge wealth of information to our publications for future researchers to access,

to member Kim Ward-Bailey who laboriously undertook so much scanning work on behalf of our Society Library.

Jim Hay  19th October 2018      

Trade Orders for our magazines

 Orders are welcome and we offer 40% discount, settlement within 30 days. On orders for six or more (can be mixed) post and packing is free; for fewer than six, postage will be charged at cost. Contact our Narrow Gauge Railway Society Sales Officer



Exchange Narrow Gauge news and views  -  Yahoo Groups was to be closed so a new NGRailwaySociety with has been set up.

For those who are not aware, members of Groups are encouraged to submit observations and information - you can search for any information you want and ask other members for information and help. This reaches a wide like-minded audience and even if you have a difficult question, there's always someone out there who has the answer.


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