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 AGM  2020




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This year due to the extraordinary circumstances the Narrow Gauge Railway Society (a company limited by Guarantee) has adjourned it’s AGM and has determined to reconvene in the form of a Virtual AGM conducted on these pages..


The basis of the Adjournment and how the Virtual AGM will be conducted are explained in the attached document (PDF). 


The AGM Report Pack is available here (PDF). Note: the pack may be updated as further reports become available, during the course of the Virtual Meeting. 


Please return your proxy voting form, we need 25 for a quorum. An online version is available here (PDF)

The virtual meeting opens on this page on 6th April and your questions/ comments may be submitted to the secretary at from that date. All questions/ comments/ responses to be received by 19th June 2020.  questions/ comments/ responses shall be submitted one per email or per sheet of paper by post, failure to adhere to this requirement may result in your question/comment/response being considered ambiguous and disregarded. Note that Director/ Officers responses to Questions/ comments/ responses will not be issued by letter post.


The proceedings and your Questions are set out below:


Chairman’s Address


Dear Members, may I welcome you to our first Virtal AGM, the extraordinary circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic have resulted in us taking this unusual course of action, and we hope that things will return to normal by next year.


I encourage you all to exercise your right to speak in the virtual domain and submit your Questions etc. to the Secretary for inclusion on this page and the Directors and Officers will in turn will give their responses.  You can of course tackle the meeting in any order you like as it does not take place in real time, and we will look after the administration and post your question/ comment in the relevant section. I anticipate that this will deliver a successful virtual AGM


I hereby formally declare this meeting open and I look forward to receiving your contributions.  

Alan Burgess     


40 Members are present (by proxy):  Peter Kinnear, John Huxley, Peter Deacon, Brian Craven, Harry Chandler, William Grisenthwaite, Tim Bridge, Michael Sarsfield, Mr R Wolfe-Coe, Martin Brown, Peter Fischer, Lionel Kay, David Collister, Chris Gerrard, Andrew Roberts, Ian Porter, Tony Stratford, John Gilby, John Smith, Mike Swift, Paul Webb, John Organ, John Scholes, Richard Haworth, Ian Hurst, John Moore, Julian Garratt, Harry Chandler, John Kitchenman, Francis Hugh Smith, Alan Hayday,

Martin Brown, Sydney Leleux, Norman Drake, Frank Stephen, David Cross, Dennis Humphries, John Price,Terence John Steele, Stewart Liles.


7 Directors are virtually present:  Steve Barber (Company Secretary), Alan Burgess (Chairman/ The Narrow Gauge Editor/ Narrow Gauge News Overseas Editor), Mick Morgan (Webmaster), Chris Roberts (Facebook Administrator), Robert Watson (Treasurer), Jonathan James (NGN Miniature Railways Editor), Paul Bennett (NGN Editor).

11 Officers are virtually present:  Jill Everitt (Membership Secretary), Martin O’Keeffe (Assistant Librarian), Mike Jackson (Film and Video Archivist, Visits Officer), Gerry Balding (NGN UK Editor), Graham Feldwick (NGN H&A Editor), Iain McCall (NGN Event Diary Editor), Simon Guppy (Visits Officer (South)(in Waiting)), Rod Bryant (Visits Officer (North)(in Waiting)), Ken Matticks (Legal Assistant), Leslie Tindall (Modelling Secretary, NGN Modelling Editor).


The Meeting is chaired by Alan Burgess.


It was determined that a quorum (5 Directors and 25 full Members (in attendance or by proxy)) are present and the meeting can conduct business.


The Secretary determined that notice of the meeting had been properly given in accordance with the Articles. The Meeting has been summarily adjourned and reconvened as a virtual meeting due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


A copy of the Minutes of the previous AGM is presented to the meeting, together with the Accounts, Officers’ Reports and Appendices, which are available on the Society’s website.


The Virtual Meeting was declared open on 6th April 2020



Apologies for Absence


Minutes of the 2019 AGM

Note: The minutes will be considered as accepted, subject to any objections, corrections or items notified.


Committee Reports


Questions arising from the Chairman’s Report


Questions arising from the Secretary’s Report


Questions arising from the Membership Secretary’s Report


Questions arising from THE NARROW GAUGE Editor’s Report


Stewart Liles asked: Whilst I very much welcome the increase in size of The Narrow Gauge, would it be possible to use a thicker cardboard for the covers? This is particularly relevant to single topic ‘Specials’ which may be read and referred to more regularly than the normal issues and therefore may become creased and worn more quickly. I realise that this may add to the weight and therefore possibly the postage cost.


Alan Burgess responded: All TNGs should have a cover that is a heavier weight than other pages – usually 200/160gsm.   It is particularly important for the heavier ‘specials’ such as the Great Bush, Barsi and Robert Hudson and unfortunately the Great Bush ‘special’ had a standard weight cover in error.  We will ensure printers are instructed to use a heavier stock for the covers of future TNGs – although this is not felt to be a problem when pages do not exceed 36.  There is no great financial penalty and print/postage cost is not an issue.


Questions arising from the NARROW GAUGE NEWS Editors Reports


(a)    Questions arising from the Editor’s Report


(b)   Questions arising from the UK and Ireland News Editor’s Report


(c)    Questions arising from the Miniature News Editor’s Report


(d)   Questions arising from the Overseas Editor’s Report


(e)   Questions arising from the Archaeology & History Editor’s Report


(f)     Questions arising from the Modelling Secretary’s Report


Questions arising from the Sales Officer’s Report


Questions arising from the eBay Shop Administrator’s Report


Questions arising from the Publishing Report


Questions arising from the Legal Assistant’s Report


Questions arising from the Library Report

Stewart Liles asked: I have really enjoyed reading the very early scanned back issues (numbers 1 – 100) of the TNG and NGN, available through the society’s website. They provide an fascinating insight into the early days of preservation and also the running of the society (for us young ones). However, there are a number of issues missing from the lists, are there plans to scan and post those as well? Also what is the situation regarding the issues from 100 onwards? Could they all be made available as a bulk download instead of individually, or on a CD rom?

The Directors and Officers responded: It is an aspiration of the committee to make as much material as practicable available electronically to members.  To this end we are setting up a sub-committee to look at the digital presence of the Society whose remit will include the availability of digital back numbers.  In terms of the specific issues missing, we do of course have an almost complete digital record of all issues, and the Library team have it on their ‘to do’ list to source and scan these


Questions arising from the Film & Video Archivist’s Report


Questions arising from the Webmaster’s Report


Questions arising from the Facebook Administrator’s Report


Questions arising from the Visit’s Officer’s Report


Questions arising from the Publicity/ Exhibition Officer’s Report


Area Group Secretary’s Reports


Questions arising from the Lincolnshire Area’s Report


Questions arising from the London & Southern Area’s Report


Questions arising from the Yorkshire Area’s Report


Formal business of the Narrow Gauge Railway Society as a Limited Company


To accept the financial statements for the period ended 31 December 2019 and the accountants report thereon and the directors’ report


Election of Directors:


Alan Burgess (Chairman, The Narrow Gauge Editor & Overseas News Editor (Narrow Gauge News))


Steve Barber (Company Secretary & Sales Officer)


Paul Bennett (Narrow Gauge News Editor)


Mick Morgan (Webmaster)


Chris Roberts (Facebook Administrator)


Robert Watson (Treasurer, eBay Shop Administrator)


Jonathan James (Miniature News Editor (Narrow Gauge News))


Iain McCall (Director for the Membership) Nominated: Phil Robinson and Matthew Gicquel


Other Informal Business

Committee Officers


Questions arising in respect of Society Officers


Questions arising in respect of vacancies


Next Year’s AGM


Questions arising in respect of Next Year’s AGM


Any Other Business

Harry Chandler commented: This must have entailed considerable extra work for the Society Committee and Company Directors.  Thanks to all of you for this and your work throughout the previous year.


Norman Drake Commented: Thanks to you and all the other officers for keeping it all together in these strange times.   All your hard work in organising the AGM etc all for naught and now all this. 

Thank you so much for giving so much of your time, it is very much appreciated.  I wish I could do more but do hope now, to be at next year’s 70th Anniversary meeting, along with you all!


Frank Stephen Comments:  Thanks to you and everyone involved for the time, energy and imagination that has gone into this unique event.





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