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Due to the Coronavirus situation, and the widespread closure of tourist venues and private railways, the Society’s committee took the decision in March to suspend all visits for the time being. We are however trying to re-organise some visits for later in the year as Government restrictions are lifted, and on the willingness of railway owners to host visits.

Unfortunately, the restrictions brought about by Coronavirus have led to a number of our planned visits for this year being cancelled. Members should still apply for visits in the normal manner so we can assess interest.


Your cheques will not be banked until the visits are confirmed to be taking place.   If a visit is cancelled your cheques will

be returned. Cheques already sent for visits booked around March are currently being held by the Visits Officer.

As the pandemic situation changes daily It is not possible to say when visits will be confirmed or cancelled but all participants will be advised as soon as a decision is made.


We organise visits to narrow gauge and miniature railways throughout the year for the benefit of Members. These are mostly private visits, by special arrangement with the owners or operators of the railway.

We often get to see behind the scenes of the railway, such as the sheds and the workshops – areas normally off-limits to the general public. For this reason, we restrict our visits to Members only. If you are not a member and would like to come along on one of our visits, please join the Society first before you complete a booking form – see our Membership page. 

ONLINE (Membermojo) BOOKING (Now Live)

Members who have registered their email address in Membermojo and wish to join us on a visit, will soon be able to book on line through our Membermojo Store which will take you straight to the Store Visits page,  Alongside "Store Purchase", click on "Visit Store".  In the Store, you will find a list of all Society Visits which are available for Online Booking.

Note : You will be advised when the Membermojo booking is up and running.


In order to book a place on a visit, click the “Quantity” box for the specific visit, select the number of places that you would like to book, and then click on checkout.  You can pay by debit or credit card. On receipt of your booking and payment, you will receive an automated email acknowledgement.


If you are booking for more people than just yourself, you will be asked to contact the relevant Visits Officer, providing the names, addresses and membership numbers (if known) in your party.

Once you have booked your visit(s), the relevant Visits Officer will contact you shortly before the visit with further details (including times, directions, meeting points).


If you have not registered an email address in Membermojo, or have not updated your email address, or do not wish to book online, you can book a visit using a  Visits Form :-

1)      Download and complete the appropriate booking form from the links below. Note that we require the names and

         addresses of everyone in your party and that (except where stated) everyone should be a member (family members

         can be Associate members.

2)      Email the completed form to the appropriate visits Officer on the form.

3)      Payment should be made

         a)  by cheque (made payable to Narrow Gauge Railway Society, writing your address on the reverse. Send to the

              address given on the booking form or

         c)  by Postal Order.

Please read the form fully as, while Covid is with us, payment may not be immediately necessary!

Depending upon the Covid situation, the following is a list of visits which the Society has arranged in 2020 (as at July 9th) :


Provisional Visits 2020 :   

Visit  Dates


Book Before

Ashton Packet Boat Co. Thurs 20th August 10.00 20th July
Ashbrittle Light Railway  Fri 28th August 10.00 CANCELLED
Moseley Heritage Museum   Sun 30th August 10.00 16th August
Trevaylor Farm   Sun 30th August 10.00 CANCELLED
Rhiw Valley Railway Fri 4th Sept 10.00 CANCELLED
Silverleaf & Poplar, Old leake, Lincs Sat 19th Sept AM 10.00 15th August
Springfield Agricultural, Huntingdon Sat 19th Sept PM 10.00 CANCELLED
Boat House Railway, Grove Ferry, Kent Fri 2nd October 10.00 1st September
Eynsford Light Railway, Sat 3rd October 10.00 CANCELLED

Rhiw Valley & Boat house are ‘Miniatures’’ the others are 2-footers.  There is also a ‘miniature line called ‘Silverleaf’ but we are hoping to visit the 2-footer.  (Note the change of date for Silverleaf Poplar Railway; we hope to be able to visit this, and perhaps Springfield Agricultural Railway, depending how negotiations go, on the same day, they are 75 minutes drive apart


All visits are subject to a Risk Assessment, and also to the approval of the Society’s Directors; they will also require a minimum number of participants, in order to make them viable.


Please be aware that not all of the railways that NGRS members attend on visits arranged by NGRS (“Sponsored Visits”), carry insurance to protect visitors in the case of injury or death, nor do the officers and directors of NGRS warrant that insurance that may be held by such railways offer adequate protection for you and those attending with you. The officers and directors of NGRS assume no liability for injury or death occurring during a Sponsored Visit. Please be sure that you follow all safety precautions imposed or suggested by the railways during Sponsored Visits.


It is most mportant that we get more participants, at present there are insufficient to make any of the visits viable, even if COVID-19 was not taking place.


Once we have confirmation of visits from owners, the Society will issue an email (to members for whom we have an email address), inviting bookings. The Society now has an electronic visit booking system, which is fully tested and ready to go live, as soon as visits are confirmed.


If you wish (and if you haven’t done so already), you are welcome to contact Mike Jackson, and express your interest in any particular visit.

You need not send a cheque or SAE at this stage, but it is most important that we know whether the demand is there  -  the booking form on its own will do, so that we can judge this demand. You will then be advised when the visit is declared GO.   Please only send in booking forms if you are seriously interested in the visits.


Paper booking forms have already been issued for all visits, and are also available above - if you do  not have Email access & no longer have booking forms let Mike know [SAE appreciated] &  he will forward further copies.


We will also be making efforts to rearrange the cancelled visits for 2021, so members who wish to take part will not miss out completely.


Thanks again for your patience and understanding, during this difficult time


To clarify the conditions for members and others making visits to railway sites or our library, you are advised to read our Visits Policy thoroughly. This is also available from the Downloads page


There may be some visits where non-members or the general public may be present, the visits form will clarify if you can be accompanied by non-members

An application to become a Visits & e-NGN Member or to add an Associate to your membership can be made via this website's Membership page




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are correct and up to date. However we take no responsibility for loss due to inaccuracies on these pages.

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