SECTION 6 : BOOKS  (Non-loan)   [Listed alphabetically]
36 Miles of trouble – The West River R.R. Morse 1959
50 Ans D'un Tortillard  Gauthier 1955
50 Jahre Fordermittel im Ruhrbergbau  Bischoff-Werke K.G. 1949
50 Jahre. Ruhr-Lippe-Eisenbahnen A Gunther; W Gebhardt 1948
60cm Military Railways of the WW1 in France (French/English text) Cιnac 2003
ABC Irish Locomotives 1st Edition   Robbins & Clements  1949
ABC Irish Locomotives 2nd Edition   Robbins & Clements  1949
ABC of Locomotives of The Minor British Railways  1945
ABC or Alphabetical Railway Guide 1939
Anatomy of the San Francisco Cable Car    Parker 1946
Argentine Central  Hollenback 1959
Articulated Locomotives  Weiner 1970
Ashover Light Railway  Gotheridge & Plant 1955
Atlas. Technical Study of the Festiniog Railway and Some Other Narrow-gauge Railways in England E. Vignes 1878
Barnstaple, O.S map sheet 163 showing L&BR  1930
Battle of the Gauges Renewed   Fairlie  1872
Big Heart (San Francisco)   Melvin Van 1957
Billerica & Bedford of Massachusetts 1950
Birmingham Locomotive Club. 1930-1951 Birmingham Locomotive Club 1951
Book of Snowdon 1925
Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide and General Handbook 1900
Britain's Railway Liveries. 1925-1948 Ernest F. Carter 1952
British Diesel Locos & Railcars   L.A.M A.  1953
British Narrow Gauge Railways   Jones 1958
Ceylon Government Railways  Cave 1910
Cheminot, de Djibouti a addis-abeba. Le chemin de fer franco-ethiopien Hubert-pierre Dubois 1959
Chemins de Fer a Voie Etroite M. Ch. Ledoux 1874
Chemins de Fer D'Interet Local, Tramways, et Services Publics Automobiles (Construction et Exploitation) L Vasseur 1926
Climax - an unusual steam locomotive Taber/Casler 1960
Corris Railway (The)  Cozens 1949
Dampfund Rauch im Sunnefehy. Fahrt in die Ramantik Benj Lorenz. Wil Hugo Hurlimann 1947
Danish Industrial Locos  Cole  1958
Decauville 1853 - 1953 1953
Denver South Park & Pacific (Memorial Edition)   Poor 1976
Die Alt Schienenstrasse Budweisgmunden Feiler 1952
Die Kolonialbahnen F Baltzer 1916
Die Kolonialbahnen mit Besonderer Berucksichtigung Afrikas F Baltzer 1916
Directory of Quarries, Clayworks and Sand & Gravel Pits 1957
Directory of Railway Officials & Year Book 1953
Electricity in Transport. Over Sixty Years' Experience. 1883-1950 H.H. Andrews; M.I. Loco 1951
Elektrische Bahnen D. O. Horing 1929
Emett Festival Railway. A Puffin Cut-Out Book 7 Rowland Emett. Victor Keeling 1951
End of the Line  Morgan 1955
Far Wheels  C S Small 1959
Festiniog Railway Part I Boyd 1956
Festiniog Railway Part II  Boyd 1959
Flat Bottom Railway Rails : BS11, 1936 British Standards Institute  1936
Funfzig Jahre Borkumer Kleinbahn. 1888-1938 Louis Hahn 1938
Garden Railways  Tustin 1949
Geographie des chemins de fer francais. Deuxieme Volume. Reseaux Divers. Tome 1 1948
German Narrow Gauge Wagon Industry British intelligence objectives sub committee. 1946
Gilpin Tram Hollenback 1958
Great War 1914/18  Vols. 1-4, 6-12  Wilson  1919
Guia Oficial Dos Caminhos De Ferro De Portugal 1959
Guia Oficial dos caminhos de ferro de portugal. Ano 85 No. 1009 Janeiro de 1959 1959
Guide to Rhodesia   Authority Issue 1924
Guide to the Coalfields - Colliery Guardian 1956
Guinness - St James Gate Brewery 1955
H.M.R.S. Livery Register No. 3 L.S.W.R. &  Southern 1910
Haulage & Winding  Poole 1935
Histoire des Communications dans le Midi de la France – Tome No. 2 1959
Histoire des Communications dans le Midi de la France – Tome No. 3 1959
Histoire des Communications dans le Midi de la France – Tome No. 4 1959
Histoire des Communications dans le Midi de la France – Tome No. 5 1959
Historical Review of Coalmining 1926
History of the Fourteenth Engineers US Army. From May, 1917 to May, 1919 R.G. Henderson (ed) 1923
Home Timber Production 1939-45  Meiggs  1949
Industrial Revolution in North Wales Dodd, A.H. 1951
Internal-Combustion Locomotives and Motor Coaches LI. Franco. P. Labryn 1931
Ironstone Railways & Tramways of Midlands  Tonks   1959
Isle of Man Railway  Ian Macnab 1945
Isle of Man Railway - Volume 1 James I.C. Boyd 1993
Isle of Man Railway - Volume 2 James I.C. Boyd 1994
Isle of Man Railway - Volume 3 James I.C. Boyd 1996
Jennie (Fiction of Welsh N G Slate Railway) J B Snell   1958
Jubilee of the Railway News 1864 – 1914. 50 Years of Railway Progress 1914
Kitsons of Leeds  Edwin Kitson Clark 1938
La Voie de 60 sur les Fronts Francais de la Guerre de 14-18 Christian Cenac 1991
Lagos Steam Tramway  Miller 1958
Le Funiculaire St Jean – St Just 1958
Leek & Manifold Valley Light Railway Manifold 1955
Leek & Manifold Valley Lt Rly  Gratton 2005
Light Railway Construction Richard Marion Parkinson 1902
Light Railway Construction  Calthrop 1897
Light Railways  Mackay 1896
Light Railways at Home & Abroad  Cole 1900
Light Railways of Britain (The)  R W Kidner 1947
Line of Communication  Thomas 1947
Lines of Character L.T.C. Rolt. P.B. Whitehouse 1952
Little Engines and Big Men  Lathrop 1955
Little Giant Story  Butterrell/Milner 2003
Little Railways of The World   Shaw 1958
Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Electric Railway Anderson  1957
Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Electric Railway R. Lawson. G.C.J. Morris 1955
Locomotive Engineer's Pocket Handbook 1925
Locomotive. Railway Carriage & Wagon Review. Vol. XXXI, No. 389 1925
Locomotive. Railway Carriage & Wagon Review. Vol. XXXII, No. 408 1926
Locomotive. Railway Carriage & Wagon Review. Vol. XXXIV, No. 436 1928
Locomotives of the Spanish Narrow Gauge Railways. Part 1 1958
Lynton & Barnstaple Railway  Catchpole 1949
Machinery & Equipment of the Sugar Cane Rly Rodger 1946
Maine Two Footers Moody 1959
Mallet Locomotive A E Durrant 1974
Manx Electric Railway F.K. Pearson 1956
Mawddwy Railway with the Hendre-Ddu Tramway Lewis Cozens 1954
Mechanical equipment of the Snowdon Mountain Railway Gowrie Colquhoun Aitchison 1899
Military Engineering Vol VIII Railways 1920 War Office 1929
Mining Year Book  Skinner 1958
Model Railway Handbook     Bassett-Lowke 1940
Modern High-Speed Oil Engines  Volume I C.W. Chapman 1949
Modern High-Speed Oil Engines  Volume II C.W. Chapman 1949
Modern High-Speed Oil Engines  Volume III C.W. Chapman 1949
Modern Traction for Industrial  & Agricultural Railways Loco. Pub. Co. 1935
Narrow Gauge Album  Whitehouse 1957
Narrow Gauge In the Rockies  Beebe/Clegg 1958
Narrow Gauge Rails in Mid Wales 1st Edition Boyd 1952
Narrow Gauge Rails To Portmadoc  Boyd 1949
Narrow Gauge Railways    Spooner 1871
Narrow Gauge Railways in America  Fleming 1949
Narrow Gauge Railways of Britain  Howson  1948
Narrow Gauge Railways of Europe  Allen & Whitehouse 1959
Narrow Gauge Railways of Ireland  Fayle  1946
Narrow Gauge Railways of North Wales  Lee 1945
Narrow Gauge to Silverton  Hungerford 1958
Nineteenth Century Railway Carriages Hamilton Ellis 1949
North Wales Guide - Thorough Guides Part 2 1899
O&K Locomotives, Works List 1892-1945 Fricke, Bude, Murray 1978
On the Old Lines  Allen 1959
On the Old Lines. Locomotives Round the World Peter Allen 1958
One hundred years of good company. The story of Ruston & Hornsby 1857 – 1957 Bernard Newman 1957
Osterreichs Locomotiven Und Triebwagen 1954
Osterreichs Strassenbahnen in wort und bild Walter Kramer et al. 1951
Pacific Cable Rly Coy Systems 1887
Pacific Slope Railroads  Abdill 1959
Pennine Journey  Stocks 1958
Pioneer Irrigation & Light Railways  Mawson & Calthrope 1904
Pit & Quarry Handbook,  1929 1929
Plynlimon & Hafan Tramway  Cozens 1955
Quarries, Ironstone, Limestone, and Sand Hewlett 1948
Rails among the Peaks  Crum 1956
Rails to the Setting Sun  Small 1972
Railway Adventure  Rolt 1953
Railway Engineer. May 1929 1929
Railway Gazette - Special War Transportation Number,1920 Railway Gazette 1920
Railway Gazette December 5, 1927. Second African Railway 1927
Railway magazine July 1959 1959
Railway Pictorial & Locomotive Review (Vol. 1) Lake 1946
Railway Pictorial & Locomotive Review (Vol. 2) Lake 1949
Railway Pictorial & Locomotive Review (Vol. 3) Lake 1950
Railway Wonders of the World: Vols. 1, 2 & 3 (Bound) Allen   1936
Railway Year Book FM 1903 1903
Railway. Light Railway, and Tramway Progress. Special Number of the Engineering Times ed. Ben H Morgan 1901
Railways Atmospheriques  Samuda 1942
Railways into Roadways (Reprint from The Engineer) 1958
Railways or No Railways  Fairlie 1872
Ratty  McGowan-Gradon 1947
Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway  R P Mitchell  1925
Remunerative Railways for New Countries Rapier 1878
Ride The Sandy River  Cornwall/Farrell 1973
Rise of Rail Power in War & Conquest 1833-1914 Edwin A. Pratt 1915
Ropes & Rope Driving -  Kenyon & Sons Ltd  1924
Sentinel-Cammell Patent Light Railway Vehicles 1932
Service Suspended  Casserley 1952
Shay Locomotive Koch 1971
Silver San Juan (Rio Grande Southern)  Mallory Hope Ferell 1973
Slates & Slating (Greaves Quarries) 1950
Slates of Wales North, F.J. 1946
Slim Princess  Hungerford 1956
Slow Train to Yesterday  Robertson 1945
Snaefell Mountain Railway 1895 – 1955 F.K. Pearson 1955
Snailbeach District Railway  Tonks 1950
Snowdon Mountain Railway  Morris 1950
Some Industrial Railways of Ireland  McGrath 1959
South and East african Year Book and Guide for 1934 with Atlas A Samler Brown 1934
South Indian Railway Illustrated Guide 1913
South Pacific Enterprise  Lowndes 1956
Southwold Railway  Tonks 1950
Staatsspoor En Tramwegen In Nederlandsch-indie 1925
Steam & Thunder in the Timber Koch 1979
Steam Engine and Gas and Oil Engines Perry, John 1906
Stoomlocomotieven der Geldersche Tramweg Mij. 1959
Story of Forestal Hicks 1956
Study Tour of Irish Railways  Swift/Bradley 1958
Study tour of the Irish railways 1958 V.J. Bradley. M. Swift 1958
Sugar Trains  Conde & Best 1973
Sugar Trains Pictorial Conde 1975
Swedish Private Railways Part 1 Cole  1957
Swedish Private Railways Part 2 Cole  1958
Swedish Private Railways Part 3 Cole  1959
Sweet Steam  Rohr 1981
Switzerland's Amazing Railways  Allen 1953
Talyllyn Railway  Cozens 1948
Thirty Pound Rails Kelly  Choda 1957
Tour of Irish Narrow Gauge Railways  Halton 1952
Trains We Loved C. Hamilton Ellis 1947
Tramways of France. Steam and Electric Gene D. Gordon 1957
Travers les Chamins Der Fer. De L'Origine a Nos Jours Jean Falaize. Henri Girod-Eymery 1948
Treatise on Slate & Slate Quarrying Davies  1878
Triebrahrzeuge. Verzeichnis des Rollmaterials SBB 1955
Tunnels des Alpes  P Stephani 1919
Tweetsie Black 1958
Two Footers. Bulletin No. 57 H. T. Crittenden 1942
Ulster Tramways & Light Rlys  McNeil 1956
Un Siecle de Chemins de Fer au mans et dans la Sarthe G. Breux 1955
Uniform Railway Gauge (Australia)  Harding  1958
Universal Directory of Railway Officials 1929 1929
Vale of Rheidol Railway  Cozens   1950
Van & Kerry Railway  Cozens 1953
Von Salzburg Nach Bad Ischl Josef Otto Slezak 1958
von Salzburg Nach bad Ischl. Geschichte und probleme der Salzkammergut-Lokalbahn Josef Otto Slezak 1958
von Salzburg Nach bad Ischl. Geschichte und probleme der Salzkammergut-Lokalbahn. Erganzungsheft Josef Otto Slezak 1959
Welsh Mountain Railway  GWR 1925
Welshpool & Llanfair Railway  Cozens 1951
World Railways  (3rd Edition)  Sampson Low 1954
World Railways  (4th Edition)  Sampson Low 1956
World Railways  (5th Edition)  Sampson Low 1958
World's Railways and How They Work 1947