Ashover Light Railway
Bala Lake Railway
Bicton Woodland Railway
Brecon Mountain Railway
Bressingham Railways
Brockham Museum
Bure Valley Railway
Campbeltown & Macrihanish Light Railway
Castlederg & Victoria Bridge Tramway 
Cavan & Leitrim Light Railway
Chalk Pits Museum, Amberley
Channel Islands Rlys inc. Ind. & Military Lines
Clogher Valley Railway
Cork, Blackrock & Passage & Cork & Muskerry
Corris  Railway
Co. Donegal Railways
Fairbourne Railway
Festiniog Railway 1A Mag. articles & cuttings to 1959
Festiniog Railway 1B Mag. articles & cuttings 1960-1979
Festiniog Railway 1C Mag. articles & cuttings 1980-date
Festiniog Railway 2 Society and Co. Official Publications
Festiniog Railway 3 Timetables & Posters
Festiniog Railway 4 Correspondence and Miscellaneous
Festiniog Railway 5A Postcards and photos Port. to TyB
Festiniog Railway  5B Postcards and photos above TyB to BF.  Also locos, & rolling stock
Festiniog Railway 6 F.R. Magazines 1-40
Festiniog Railway 7A  F.R. Magazines 41-80 
Festiniog Railway 7B F.R. Magazines 81-Date
Festiniog Railway 8 Ticket Album
Festiniog Railway 9 The Deviation and New Works
Festiniog Railway 10 Guide and Picture Books
Festiniog Railway 11 Modelling Plans and Drawings
Festiniog Railway 12 Society and Group News-sheets
Festiniog Railway 13 Group Information Memos (GIM)
Giants Causeway & Bessbrook & Newry Tramways
Glyn Valley Tramway
Great Little Trains of Wales
Great Orme Tramway
Groudle Glen Railway
Isle of Man General
Isle of Man Railways & Tramways Vol. 1 Mag. articles, newspaper cuttings
Isle of Man Railways & Tramways Vol. 2 Mag. photos, drawings, timetables, tickets
Isle of Man Railways & Tramways Vol. 3 Photographs
Isle of Man Railways & Tramways Vol. 4 Steam Railway News
Kirklees Light Railway
Leeds Industrial Museum, Armley Mills
Leek & Manifold Valley Light Railway
Leighton Buzzard NGRS
Light Railways of Lewis (Audio Tape, Isles FM)
Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway
Lincs. Coast Light Rly Official Publications
Llanberis Lake Railway
Llechwedd Quarries Railway
LMS (NCC):- Ballycastle; Ballymena &
Larne; & Ballymena, Cushendall, & Red
Bay Railways
Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway
Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, Files A & B 
Manx Electric Railway
Miniature Railways  1 General
Miniature Railways 1a Health & Safety     
Miniature Railways 2 A - J
Miniature Railways 3 K - R
Miniature Railways 4 S - Z
Monorail Railways
Pier Railways
Pleasure Railways 1 A - L
Pleasure Railways 2 M - Z
Plynlimmon & Hafan Tramway
Portstewart Tramway
Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway
Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway
R.H.&D.R Photographs & Tickets
Rye & Camber Tramway
Sand Hutton Light Railway
Schull & Skibbereen Light Railway
Scottish Minor Railways - Murcar & Dalmunzie Hotel Railways, Isle of Bute & Cruden Bay Tramways
Sittingbourne & Kemsley Lt. Rly. File 2 (n.b. File 1 is 'Bowater’s' in section 1B) 
Snaefell Mountain Railway
Snailbeach District Railways
Snowdon Mountain Railway
South Tynedale Railway
Southwold Railway
Talyllyn Railway 1 Mag. articles & press cuttings
Talyllyn Railway 2 Society & Co. official publications
Talyllyn Railway 3 NGR Museum, tickets, timetables, posters and stamps
Talyllyn Railway 4 Modelling plans and drawings
Talyllyn Railway 5 Postcard and photo album No. 1
Talyllyn Railway 6 Tal-y-llyn News  1-40
Talyllyn Railway 7 Tal-y-llyn News 41-80
Talyllyn Railway 8 Guide and Picture Books
Talyllyn Railway 9 Photo Album No. 2
Talyllyn Railway 10 T. R. News-sheets
Talyllyn Railway 11 Talyllyn News 81-on
Talyllyn Railway 12 T.R.P.S. History notes
Tralee & Dingle Light Railway
Vale of Rheidol Railway
Volks Electric Railway
Wells & Walsingham Railway
Welsh Highland Railway  1 Articles
Welsh Highland Railway 2 Photographs & Tickets
Welsh Highland Railway 3 Newsletters
W.H.R. Restoration : Caernarfon - Rhyd Ddu
W.H.R. Restoration 1 Articles
W.H.R. Restoration 2a Photographs
W.H.R. Restoration 2b Photographs
W.H.R. Restoration 2c Photographs
W.H.R. Restoration 2d Photographs
W.H.R. Restoration 2e Photographs
W.H.R. Restoration 2f Photographs
W.H.R. Restoration 2g Photographs - Restoration Phase 4
W.H.R. Restoration 3a Rhyd Ddu to Porthmadog - Photographs
Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway
W & L L R Preservation Co. Journals
W & L L R Preservation Co. Newsletters
West Clare Railway
Wolverton & Stoney Stratford Tramway
Agricultural & Forestry Railways
Aluminium Works Railways
Bowater’s Sittingbourne Railway File 1 (n.b. File 2 is 'Sittingbourne & Kemsley Lt. Rly.' in section 1A) 
Brewery Railways
Brickworks Railways
British Railways Works N.G. Lines
Clay Works Railways
Colliery Railways (underground & surface)
Contractors Temporary Railways
Cornish Mineral Railways
Croesor Tramway (compiled by Adrian Barrell)
Croesor file supplement
Dorking Greystone Lime Co.
Gasworks Railways
Granite Quarry Railways
Heywood 15in Gauge Railways
Industrials (General)
Irish Industrial Railways and Tramways
Iron Ore Qy and Steelworks Railways
Lead Mining
Limestone Quarry & Cement Works Rlys
Military Railways (excl. W.D.)
Mineral Tramways of the Cleveland Hills
Mining Railways (Oil Shale Mines)
Peat Bog Railways - General
Peat Bog Railways - Bord Na Mona     
Sand and Gravel Pit Railways
Saundersfoot Railway
Slate file 1 Other lines, not as 'Slate file 2'
Slate file 2 Dinorwic, Padarn & Penrhyn Railways
Stone Quarry Railways
Underground Railways Post Office railway & Glasgow Underground
War Department Railways 1 Army & General
War Department Railways 2 Navy
War Department Railways 3 Airforce
War Department Railways 3a Airforce Masirah State rly
Waterworks & Sewage Works Railways
Austria 1 General & Industrial Railways
Austria 2 Land Vorarlberg - Land Tirol
Austria 3 Land Salzburg, Land Oberostereich
Austria 4 Land Neiderostereich, Land Wein, Land Styria, Land Katinthia
Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg
Cyprus and Malta
France 1 General Industrial & Military
France 2 Regions North & East
France 3 Regions West
France 4 Regions South West
France 5 Regions Mediterranean, & Corsica
Germany 1 West, Mainland Common Carriers and Public Lines
Germany 2 West, Preserved Lines, museums, monorail. Inselbahn Friesen Isles
Germany 3 West Germany Industrial
Germany 4 East
Poland, Romania, Czech Re., Slovakia & Hungary
S.E. Europe:   Greece, Yugoslavia & Bulgaria
Spain 1 Mainland
Spain 2 Balearic Islands
Switzerland 1 General, Industrial, Builders
Switzerland 2 Lucerne & Interlaken Areas
Switzerland 3 Bernese Oberland Bahn
Switzerland 4 South East and Southern
Switzerland 5 Western
Switzerland 6 North and North East
USSR, Rumania, Poland, Czech ’ia & Hungary
Congo & Luanda
E. African Railways and Harbours to 1959
E. African Railways and Harbours 1960 - on
E. Africa : Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi
Gambia, Sierra Leone and French West Includes Senegal, Liberia and Cameroons
Ghana and Nigeria
North: Abyssinia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sudan
North: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Cyranaica (Libya)
Rhodesia Railways
South Africa : Industrial
South African Railways 2'-0" gauge
South African Railways 3'-6" gauge general
South African Railways 3'-6" gauge locos.
Zambia Railways
Central America
North America 1a. Canada
North America 1b. U.S.A. Eastern States
North America 1c. Death of the Sandy River
North America 2a. U.S.A. Colorado: D & R.G.W.
North America 2b. U.S.A. Colorado other railroads
North America 2c. U.S.A. Colorado railroad museum
North America 3a. U.S.A. Western States, Hawaii & Alaska : common carriers
North America 3b. U.S.A. Western States, Hawaii preservation & pleasure
North America U.S.A. Industrial & logging railroads
North America U.S.A. Miniature railroads
South America 1 Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay
South America 2 Brazil, Venezuela, the Guianas
South America 3 Chile, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia
Borneo and Malaysia
Burma Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Nepal, Pakistan
China & Japan
India 1 Gen Std locos, Central Rly, E. & S.E. Ryls: N. Rly
India 1a Barsi Lt. Rly "A" class 0-8-4T tracings
India 2 N.E. Rly, S. Rly, W. Rly
India 3 Private and Industrial Railways     
Indian Rly Study Group Newsletters
Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam & Philippines
Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon
Australia 1: 1 Queensland
Australia 2: 2 S. Australia 
Australia 3: 3 Tasmania
Australia 4: 4 Victoria & N.S.W.
Australia 5: 5 Western Australia
New Zealand 1: 1 General and South Island
New Zealand 2: 2 North Island
New Zealand 3: 3 Annual Reps, Booklets etc
Pacific Islands: Fiji, Ocean and Nauru
 (Folders listed in bold include catalogues)
Alsthom et Cie Paris
Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. Ltd.
Avonside Engine Co. Ltd Bristol
W. G. Bagnall Ltd Stafford
Baguley (Engineers) Ltd
Baldwin Loco Works
Beyer Peacock & Co. Ltd.
British Electric Vehicles
Bungey Locomotive List   Scanes 2001
Clayton Equipment
Clayton Locomotive Manual
Continental Loco Builders
English Electric
Fletcher Jennings & Co. Ltd.
John Fowler & Co. Limited Leeds
Glover Machine Works
Gmeinder & Co. Ltd. Mosbach 
T. Green & Sons Leeds
Robert Hudson Ltd Leeds
Hudswell Clarke & Co. Ltd
Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd 
Alan Keef Ltd.
Koppel Locomotive 1899 repr. 1979 (Swedish)
K.S.T.(Kato Works Tokyo)
Leeds Forge Co. Ltd
Lister, R.A.
Manning Wardle & Co. Limited
Misc. British Loco Builders A-G
Misc. British Loco Builders N - Z
Motor Rail Ltd. Bedford
North British Loco Co. Ltd Glasgow
Peckett & Sons Ltd. Bristol
Planet (FC Hibberd & Blackstone)
Plymouth Gasoline Locos (repr) 2000
Porter Steam Locomotives (reprint 13th ed.)
Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd,. Newcastle & Darlington
Ruston & Hornsby Ltd, Lincoln File 1 Cats. Mans. Arts. & Photos
Ruston & Hornsby Ltd, Lincoln File 2 Engineering Drawings 2LH Type & Components
Skefco Ballbearing Co.
Underground Mining Machinery Ltd (UMM)
Wickham of Ware
Section 1 J:     LOCOMOTIVES
Fairlie Locomotives
Vertical Boilered Locomotives
Section 1K : GENERAL
Advertisements and Other Information
Advertisements & other information relating to railways and locos in
'The Contract Journal'   1879-1952
Australasian Locos Builders list 1 Hudswell Clarke & Co. Ltd. Leeds.
Australasian Locos Builders list 2 James Martin & Co.
General File -  NG Photography, Loco Design, Multi-Articles etc.
Modelling: 1 Prototype
Modelling: 2 Freelance Locos
Modelling: 3 Constructional
Modelling: 4 Photographs
Modelling: 5 Craig & Mertonford, Trade.
Narrow Gauge of Greater Manchester Area
Narrow Gauge Railways on postage stamps
Pleasure Railways
Preservation 1 Individuals, Societies and Companies
Preservation 2 Museums
Preservation 3 Narrow Gauge Railway Society
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